Cakeoloigi is all about achieveing success through business. I have been an entreprenuer for more than 20 years and now am a full time YouTuber and Business Coach.  The goal of the channel and of Cakeoloigi, is to build a network and team of like minded Creators and Entreprenuers to build our success together. Knowledge is the Key and the Team is how we get there.



who we are!


We are a Team of Business Coaches that are dedicated to seeing your Business succeed.  We specialize in working with Creators and Entreprenuers.  We help get the Coaching and Knowelege that they need to grow their business.


Great Experience. Appreciate all your help

Jenny Green

 Thank you for the Coaching. Was super valuable

– George Lee

Thank you for all your Help!

Alan Crawford


Thank you for helping me grow my business.

Amy Green


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