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Cakeoloigi is all about achieveing success through business. I have been an entreprenuer for more than 20 years and now am a full time YouTuber and Business Coach. The goal of the channel and of Cakeoloigi, is to build a network and team of like minded Creators and Entreprenuers to build our success together. Knowledge is the Key and the Team is how we get there.

TransUnion Dispute Letter 

This letter will help with TransUnion disputes for your personal credit. Remember this is for educational purposes only and I am providing it as a Free resource. Let me know how it works for you guys. I will be making changes and coming out with new versions so remember to check back and subscribe.

Thanks BoB

The Business of YouTube

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Full Time Business Coach and Full Time YouTuber. I discuss all things business related for Creators and Entreprenuers.  I will give you the info that you need.  Subscribe and join the Creem Teem!

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